Clear Channel Blows Up Commissions

Cumulus recently hired a non-radio guy to set up a direct buying plan to bypass local selling.

Now sources close to Clear Channel reveal a plot that may even be illegal that screws salespeople out of their full commissions.

And they’re getting away with it.

Until now.

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  1. How long Clear Channel has been fooling with commission rates.
  2. What a document called “commission rates for 2012” is and how it is used to rob employees of their earnings.
  3. How Clear Channel changes rates hourly like airlines and what happens to their sellers when they do.
  4. Amazing examples of how the company punishes its sellers even as it sometimes encourages smaller buys – that’s insane!
  5. How Clear Channel is asking for an employee lawsuit as a new California law now spells potential trouble.
  6. Cumulus’ plan to dodge seller commissions and deal directly with advertisers.

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