Clear Channel Blinks On Massive Layoffs

Still on. 

But, new plan. 

New date. 

And an unprecedented and devious way to decide who gets the axe never before used by a radio company.

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  1. The new drop dead date for 4 layoffs per market.
  2. How the Clear Channel Board reacted Friday when Bob Pittman asked them to go ahead and approve 624 layoffs anyway. 
  3. Who Clear Channel employees will be seeing from corporate starting this week to distance the firings from CEO Bob Pittman.
  4. The unprecedented strategy Pittman is employing that no radio company has ever used before to determine who will lose their jobs.
  5. Exposed!  The ironic plan from a company that has moved radio operations from local to corporate to shift the onerous firings from corporate to – sit down for this one – back to local radio management.

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