Changing the Way Radio Engages Listeners

Listeners want radio air talent to talk to them differently.

They want more passion, less hype and believe it or not, less trying to be relevant to them because it’s not going over.

They want morning shows to change because while radio still depends on the tried and true morning show of the past (funny, traffic, transit, news and/or entertainment news), listeners are using smartphones for that.

There is new evidence on whether they prefer a man or a woman as lead morning show host and information about what happens when a woman is subordinate to a man as part of the team.

This is suddenly very pressing because 50-60% of a radio station’s revenue is driven by its morning show. 

There’s news on contests and stations will be surprised to find that tastes have changed about them to.

And there are things that would make a radio station more relevant to today’s listeners using a station advocate fighting for them.  We’ll talk about what this means and how to do it to exceed audience expectations.

In addition to the way air talent talks to listeners, they don’t believe much that a radio station claims – a credibility gap that can be fixed.

Listeners keep complaining about the same things radio stations do (too many commercials, not enough music discovery) but now they have alternates to radio.

There’s a lot of changes becoming evident that you should know about and that we will discuss at the upcoming Independent Radio Conference in Philadelphia in a month.

One of them is a strong desire for a radio station to take on different personalities during the day.  This will be a fascinating revelation to get a leg up on.

Another is that they like music that is so eclectic that most hit music stations won’t go there.  We’ll show you a safe way to “go there”.

And there is one thing – and only one – that could cause a listener to listen more often and longer if a radio station that has the above qualities would do it.

A promotion that is so compelling that they admit they would not turn your station off.

Every year, broadcasters who want the most accurate and latest information on audience changes and advertising trends attend this Philly Conference.

More consolidation is coming.

More big groups dumbing down local radio.

There are dangers but also opportunities ahead.

We invite you to see the final selection of topics for this meeting gleaned from surveys of radio executives.  I hope you like it and better yet that you will take a day to invest in this useful resource.

Program Agenda

8 am              Registration/Complimentary Breakfast
9 am              Changing the Way Radio Engages Audiences
10:30 am       Break/Complimentary Snacks and Refreshments
10:45             The Morning Show of the Future / Repurposing 7pm-5am

12 Noon        Complimentary Lunch

1 pm              Growing On-Air Revenue / Making Money From Digital
2:30 pm         Break/Complimentary Snacks and Refreshments
2:45 pm         Getting Millennials To Listen
4 pm              Conference Concludes

Changing the Way Radio Engages Audiences

  • How to Retrain Air Talent to Sound Like Today’s Audiences
  • How Gender Fluidity Will Affect the Way Your Program to 18-34’s
  • How to Talk to Baby Boomers AND Millennials (There Are 75 Million of Each)
  • The Kind of Air-Personalities In-Demo Today’s Radio Listeners Now Want
  • What Millennials Want in a Radio Personality compared to Gen Xers and Baby Boomers
  • How to Change the Way We Talk to Today’s Listeners
  • The Contest Prize Listeners Crave Most (Not Money, Not Trips)
  • Why Music Sweeps Are Backfiring on Hit Music Stations (and How to Fix It)
  • How to Finally Improve TSL Which Has Been Declining for 2 Decades
  • How to Handle Too Many Commercials
  • How to Add Music Discovery to a Tight Hits Format

The Morning Show of the Future / Repurposing 7pm-5am

  • Updating the Morning Show
  • The One Morning Show Feature That Every Station Should Have
  • New Evidence That the Morning “Man” of the Future Should Be a Woman
  • Eliminating Outdated Morning Shows (Making Them Cool Again)
  • New Ways to Repurpose 7pm to 5am
  • How to Handle Traffic On-Air Now That Listeners Widely Access It Online
  • How to Rebuild Eroding Audiences After PM Drive
  • The One Type Commercial Even Millennials Will Stick Around For

Growing On-Air Revenue / Making Money From Digital

(with a presentation for MoreFM Chairman Jerry Lee on ad churn and a video from programmer & Podcasting expert Steven Goldstein on podcasting)

  • Competing Against Rate Droppers
  • Reducing Advertiser Turnover to Virtually Nothing
  • The Best Company to Pretest Advertiser Copy for Success
  • The Optimum Number of Voices That Make Radio Ads More Effective
  • The Perfect Radio Solution for Podcasting
  • New Competition From User-generated Content like YouTube
  • Finding New Digital Revenue Streams
  • Master Short Form Video
  • New Revenue From Product Placement & Subscription Fees
  • Radio as a “Preview Channel” for Digital
  • How to Create Binge Listening Content for Radio
  • The Potential of Alexa For Radio, the Powerful Voice of Amazon’s Echo

Getting Millennials To Listen

(With a special presentation from Morley Winograd, author of Millennial Makeover and generational expert)

  • How to Program to Shorter Attention Spans
  • Promotions That Will Guarantee Millennial Listeners
  • Focusing on Fans Not Listeners
  • Eliminating the Hot Clock as Millennials Like No Rules
  • Positioning Radio Against Pandora, Spotify & Streaming Music
  • Why Creating 2 or More Formats on One Station Now Makes Total Sense
  • Why Millennials Like More Eclectic Music in Their Hits Station (and How to Give It to Them) Local Radio Vs. More Consolidation
  • Why Creating 2 or More Formats on One Station Now Makes Total Sense
  • Why Radio Must Get Back to Contesting for 18-34 Millennial Gamers
  • The 5 Things Millennials Want From Radio (Millennial Values)
  • How to Remove Hype From Millennial Targeted Stations
  • The Significance the Hottest New Social Medium, SnapChat, to Radio

Led by Jerry Del Colliano whose background includes on-air and management roles in major market radio and television, publishing and digital as well as Professor of Music Industry at The University of Southern California.

This event will not be available by stream or video – only live and in-person April 5th in Philadelphia.

Please join us for this transformative experience.

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