CBS Strategy: Undercut Clear Channel Rates

What has gotten into CBS Radio lately?

Partnerships with perhaps the worst company in radio (Cumulus).

Talks to explore selling the radio group to that same “worst” company.

And firing personnel “Clear Channel style” as they did before the holidays.

Now, we come to find that CBS in some cases is slashing rates so aggressively that in one major market it is out to put a giant hurt on their debt-ridden competitor, Clear Channel.

It’s dirty pool as you’re about to see.

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  1. How CBS Radio is kicking Clear Channel in the nuts in a top station in one of their most lucrative markets.
  2. You won’t believe Clear Channel’s response – I’m still shaking my head at what that revenue desperate company is doing to respond.
  3. How CBS has its foot on Clear Channel’s throat and stomping hard – hitting them where they hurt the most – in their debt.
  4. How Clear Channel’s revenue picture is becoming so bad that the only way to make up for declining revenue is to have continuing layoffs.
  5. The powerful tool CBS uses to undercut its competitors.

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