What kind of Kool-Aid is the radio industry drinking?

CBS Radio does a swap with Beasley to further consolidate two major markets.

While laying off more people right now than Cumulus and iHeartMedia combined!

Caught cutting ad rates by 50% in LA, Chicago, Dallas and Detroit to name a few markets.

And you still think CBS Radio will remain an operator?

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  1. What happens now to the other 25 or so CBS stations Les Moonves has promised to get rid of.
  2. How Moonves thought he stuck it to Beasley while Beasley is getting the last laugh.
  3. Now will KYW Newsradio in Philly finally get its FM simulcast.
  4. What CBS employees think Les Moonves is up to -- the most troubling thing about his sudden interest in trading up.
  5. Why would CBS want to stay in radio when they are furiously reducing their staffs even at so-called essential major market stations?
  6. And the question CBS employees want answered! Are their jobs finally safe now?

The answers start here.

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