Bob Pittman or Jerry Lee

Jerry Lee, the sole owner of standalone B-101 Philadelphia could teach Clear Channel CEO Bob Pittman a thing or two.

First, Lee doesn’t open his mouth unless something intelligent comes out of it.

Pittman, not so much. 

He’s into spin and bullshit and he can’t appear on CNBC enough times for everyone to hear it.

Then, yesterday when Lee announced that he was changing the name of his perennial market leading adult contemporary station to MoreFM, he said more in one announcement than Pittman has said in his entire tenure at Clear Channel.

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  1. Why Lee is disrupting his perennially number one station at the time of year when it attracts the most listeners.
  2. The thinking behind the strategy that will be used to guarantee that audiences increase even with a new, more relevant identity.
  3. One secret tool that Lee will use and here’s a clue:  Clear Channel will never ever do this even to increase ratings.
  4. How a happy outcome resulted when Lee pulled the plug on his station’s live stream smack in the heart of the digital revolution – deserving a second look.
  5. At Last!  A plan forward for stations wanting to improve ratings and revenue and confused about what they should be doing with digital.

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