Blowing Up Your Station & Building a New Content Model

One of the things we’ve been getting reaction to from our topic list for my upcoming Philly conference April 6 is blowing up your station, starting over and making a new content model.

Do not read on if you are dead set in favor of going down with what you’re doing now.

No matter how good radio stations are, listeners are bailing out.

95 million Millennials never really checked in – not fans of radio or for that matter traditional media.

So when BIA/Kelsey calls for a paltry 1.5% increase in total radio revenue for 2016 – and wait until you see the disappointing numbers from 2015 --- what the hell are we doing?

Presiding over our own demise.

Time for some really new ideas based on actual generational trends.

And as I said yesterday, we’re not going to be much help to the major consolidators because they’re just looking for the exit.

But for those of you who want to stay around and reinvent, consider this:

  • Blow up your current format even if you’re doing a better than average job. The paradigm has changed. And there’s nothing worse than doing something well that doesn’t need to be done at all.
  • Please re-read the line above and let’s discuss.
  • The plethora of new-age formatics, a new mission – something that is so compelling that even disinterested Millennials will feel compelled to give it a try.
  • A radically new way to do music formats that will distinguish radio from currently popular music streaming services.
  • A form of spoken word never before done on a radio station – this is not for the faint of heart. You need balls to blow up what has no future to be first in what has decades of growth potential ahead.
  • Adele is so talented she can even sell music in an outdated form that many young music lovers don’t like – CDs.  Therefore, radio should have no problem following a new path to win listeners back to an old form – the listeners who currently blow radio off.
  • You should know these new strategies that can make your content addictive. Come on! What radio station is truly addictive to people under 65? That’s where you need to go.
  • The new sound that must be heard over the air or your station will be treading water and going nowhere.
  • Can a radio station be more popular than an app?  I didn’t say can a radio station app be more popular than an app but can a station be more popular than an app. Youthful consumers discover and abandon apps in record time – there is hope but not with the approach we’re taking on the air.
  • New forms of advertising that will earn big bucks but will require courage to see that your new rules are enforced.  Never let the inmates (advertisers) run the asylum (radio). Sorry, but it never works.

There’s more.

Including issues of branding – why branding is actually killing your station and why the podcasting that you are falling all over yourself to do is hurting your station.

And the issue of streaming – the evidence is not something you’re going to like to hear but you need to hear it to get a grasp of the consumer-driven new media business.

Anyway, check your calendar and plan on attending the conference April 6th – you’ll be among operators not consolidators who are trying to get out.

Group rates available.

As usual the tuition is cheaper now than registering later.

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