Big Changes Coming to Consolidated Radio

Sources close to the situation reveal four of the most batshit changes in the way a radio station is going to be run in the year ahead.

Owners are desperate as revenue falls, radio audiences age and money demo listeners depart for mobile digital media.

Now, if you’re still working at a radio station, you’ve got all this to be worried about.

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  1. You’re likely to have a new boss to answer to next year – a type of animal that you’ve never seen before.  Bone up and get prepared.
  2. Format radios will be morphing into something so alien many radio people who have survived layoff after layoff will just up and quit.  What’s going to be forced on radio people will be impossible to live with.
  3. Sit down and remove nearby sharp objects – wait until you read the most cockamamie plan to replace declining spot radio revenues.  On a bad day, you couldn’t come up with this sorry solution.  Yet, it’s on the way.
  4. The perfect radio employee – with plans like these if you’re good at what you do at a radio station, you may be too good for what the major consolidators have in mind.  Are you their new “perfect” employee?

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