Beasley Media’s Death Wish


  • What does “Princess” Caroline call a fired employee behind their backs?  Reader Discretion Advised.  This is cringe-worthy.
  • Why Beasley keeps losing employees that AREN’T fired.
  • Where Greater Media employees were so fearful of going to work for Beasley that 6 quit on day one.
  • How Beasley completely botched the Greater Media acquisition – the one big mistake they are still paying for.
  • What’s the real story behind Peter Smyth and John Fullam’s departure?
  • Who are the new superstar Beasley execs of the future? 
  • The missing gene Caroline must find somewhere, somehow before it is too late.
  • Question:  Is Caroline worse or better than Lew Dickey or even his brother Fredo?
  • Speaking of Cumulus, how is that merger going down between Beasley and Cumulus.

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