Bankruptcy Details Audacy Is Still Hiding

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  • David Field, his father, Weezie Kramer and Joel Hollander are on the board of the sunsetting company – what the lenders-turned owners are going to do that will totally shake up Audacy.
  • What happens to Audacy stock worth 20 cents before Sunday’s bankruptcy filing.
  • Why are they “judge shopping” – Audacy filed for bankruptcy in Texas (they’re headquartered in Philly).
  • Field is talking “business as usual” as if he’s going to remain as CEO – what he’s not saying (at least publicly).
  • If this bankruptcy gets approved it wipes out almost all of Audacy’s debt -- will that be enough?
  • Audacy is talking like a pre-packaged bankruptcy is a slam-dunk – what could go wrong.

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