Bain Deliberately Tanking iHeart

Don’t laugh -- tanking is in.

The Philadelphia 76ers are doing it in basketball and yes, their new owners are four rich equity owners who believe less is more.

Why is it that iHeart (and equity owners elsewhere) would rather tank the company than operate it.

The thing that is more important to them than annual profits – understand this and iHeart makes more sense to you.

What they are really going to do to deal with that $20.5 billion in debt that keeps rising and holding them back.

What they will NOT sell off in advance of any bankruptcy filing.

The reason they won’t even try to make rumors of bankruptcy go away by plainly denying that bankruptcy is in iHeart’s plans.

Just how far can and will iHeart go to keep laying employees off after they finish reducing the workforce by 33%.

And why iHeart will seek a merger before a merger steals them away after the debt is gone.

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