Audacy Planning More Management Layoffs

They’re at it again – a new round of management cutbacks timed with the first quarter financials that they are going to announce Friday.

Now you know, if it was a blowout, they wouldn’t be doing an analysts’ conference call on a Friday hours before a holiday weekend and the suckers in the happy talk radio trade press will probably carry their propaganda word for word as they often do.

More significant is if they can’t beat the first quarter of 2020 which included only one month or less of the pandemic lockdown, maybe they should get out of the radio business and get into audio.

Wait, they’ve already thought of that.

Unfortunately, no matter how Audacy tries to sell their first quarter financials as an out of the park homerun, we have word that there are going to be significant management cutbacks as a result and the way they are going to do it is to say the least – interesting.

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