AT&T/Time Warner

Don’t believe the hype.

The AT&T purchase of Time Warner for $85.4 billion is a fantasy.

A fantasy of old white men who don’t understand the Millennial world and think delivery systems solve their future problems.

So, outside of Game of Thrones, how many Millennials use a paid subscription to access the show?

Or how many share a friend or parent’s HBO subscription?

Is it that Millennials will want to see the 60-year old HBO star Bill Maher on new delivery systems or that somehow CNN’s Clinton News Network would appeal to a socialist generation that wants everyone to get a fair shake, something they won’t get on CNN.

The last innovation at CNN was created by Ted Turner when he invented 24-hour cable news and think about it, that’s true.

Watching AT&T spend their shareholders’ money can be very instructive to radio, an industry that stopped innovating over 20 years ago.


Consolidation was going to give listeners more choices.


Consolidation was going to make radio a more attractive advertising vehicle.


I’m sounding like Donald Trump with that “wrong” comment, but you get the idea.

Consolidation, which is now officially underway in the television, media and phone business, has already proven what it can do to radio and records.

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