Attracting 2 Million To Your Website the WTOP Way

That’s 2 million a month – not a year! (January).

Hubbard’s dominant all-news WTOP, Washington isn’t just number one in the radio market.

It’s a whopping number one online.

And that’s saying a lot for most radio stations where usually online efforts are an insignificant add-on to audience and means near nothing in additional revenue.

That’s why I have invited Laurie Cantillo, the person responsible as program director of WTOP and to tell my upcoming Philly media seminar how they do it.

Laurie headshot 2014

I’m going to interview Laurie – and you can help in one of those two-way learning sessions our conference is known for.

Let’s do this thing together and drill down to what you really want to know.

2 million online viewers a month.

That’s more than the total population of Indianapolis.

And if you’re serving page views, how does 31.8 million for the same 30 days sound to you?

This is the kind of thing that can make a real difference to your station’s online efforts – direct help from the leader in the game.

WTOP does so many things differently that you can see why they leave most other radio stations behind.

As you’ll learn, part of their audience also listens to the on-air product.

But another part, just consumes WTOP online.

Together they monetize it.

WTOP has a large screen in the newsroom for all to see to display metrics in real time.

Theirs is no add-on.

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