Ask JD: “What Constitutes a Dream Promotion?”

This weekend, one member of our media network wants to know how to forge a better bond between the radio station, listener and advertiser keeping in mind today’s economy.

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1. Four elements of a dream promotion (one of them is fantasy of the mind). Know all four before coming up with your next effort or you risk failure.

2. How should you adapt promotions to The People Meter?

3. 9 ready-to-go Dream Promotions. Only subscribers will see them so there is still time to beat your competitor to the air with one.

4. Low cost, no cost and advertiser friendly dream promotions.

5. One involves taking over the radio station.

6. Another will make your listeners beg you – I mean that – beg you to play more commercials. (Read and see why I am not kidding).

7. A dating promotion built around matching musical tastes – all the details.

8. Giveaway free jobs (I’ve done this one and it works).

All these and five more start here.