When I became a professor at USC, I wrote courses on generational media that changed the way I look at the media industry.  I started a blog for my students that they were "assigned" to read, but after a while it became apparent that there was a lot of interest in digital, social and video as alternatives to traditional broadcasting.
Inside Music Media was born.


  • Professor, University of Southern California
  • Advisor to Media Industry
  • TV & Radio Broadcaster
  • Major Market Radio Program Director
  • Publisher / Author / Speaker

Ethics Statement

I am not an objective reporter and I am not a spokesperson or representative in any way for media industry companies, vendors or other parties that try to influence the media domain. Inside Music Media represents my opinion. I am an observer using my background in radio programming and management, television, publishing and my academic skills obtained from being a college professor in the areas of music, broadcasting, mobile content, social networking as well as new and generational media. My observations are subjective.

I don’t accept money in return for promotional consideration. When I am asked to serve as a consultant or provide services to media companies about which I write, I disclose that association publicly. I don’t accept trips, gifts or any other consideration.

I don’t own stock in any broadcast or digital companies or record labels that I write about. If I did I would disclose it. I currently own Apple stock.  My 401K plan also does not include radio or record industry stocks.

I have written positively and negatively about the goings on in the radio, records and new media industries trying to use whatever sense of humor I may have along with parody and what teaching skills I can muster from my experience teaching at The University of Southern California. In spite of the fact that I may be critical of some companies and media policies, I always try to dislike the deed and not the person. Sometimes this isn’t easy, but I try.

I appreciate readers with varying points of view. And I am mindful of Lyndon Johnson’s quote “If two men (people) agree on everything, you may be sure that one of them is doing the thinking”.


My on-air and executive experience is in television at the ABC TV affiliate in Philadelphia, major market radio programming and on-air, publishing and new media.

I conduct seminars and facilitate custom workshops privately for media companies and present an annual Media Solutions Conference about the challenges and opportunities ahead in the media sector.

In 2004 I was appointed Clinical Professor and Director of Executive Programs, University of Southern California (2004-2008) in the music industry, broadcasting and the digital future as well as generational media.

I am the publisher and editor of the media blog Inside Music Media which focuses on music, broadcasting, social media, video, streaming, podcasting, publishing, generational trends and the sociology of technology.

Previously I founded and published Inside Radio which I sold to Clear Channel in August 2002.

As a former Dale Carnegie instructor, my avocation is human motivation. I authored a book about the human condition, “Out of Bad Comes Good — The Advantages of Disadvantages” published by Morgan James.

I graduated from Temple University School of Communications, Philadelphia.


My comments have been featured in numerous newspapers, business magazines, television networks and regional as well as local news publications and wire services including CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The New York Daily News, New York Post, Forbes, Fortune, Newsweek, People, Rolling Stone, Columbia Journalism Review and ABC 20/20 and others.