HD Will Not Save Radio

The radio industry is betting that high definition digital radio will make it more competitive against its perceived threat from satellite radio. Only one problem. The real threat to terrestrial radio is not from satellite radio, but from the next generation of listeners who spend their time listening to music interactively. This next generation — Generation Y — has been … Continue reading

iPod Fatigue

My students at USC have begun to utter the “F” word in public. It’s unthinkable, but it is happening. “Fatigue” like in i-Pod “Fatigue” is the buzz. There is no chance — zero — that these members of the next generation are angry with their iPods and ready to throw them away with traditional media. But what is significant, I … Continue reading

Sirius Terrestrial Radio

I keep getting this gnawing feeling that some satellite radio channels are sounding more and more like the terrestrial radio from which it was supposed to save angry listeners fed up with hype and commercials. Today I heard Sirius Six — the Sixties channel — with a live jock promo (over an intro no less) for a Sirius promotion (buy … Continue reading

Why MySpace’s Music Store Deserves Watching

The single-most visited Internet web address — MySpace, the NewsCorp online venture, is going after Apple’s iTunes. Many have tried and failed as iTunes commands a 70% share of the digital music market. The big four major record labels are no doubt rooting for this attempt to break Apple’s stranglehold over them. SpiralFrog announced their new plan to launch a … Continue reading