9 Best Radio Groups of 2013

Lew Dickey and Bob Pittman didn’t make the list, but who don’t know that?

I’ve got 9 radio companies for you that I would work for and that’s saying a lot.  Look, I’m going to be frank about it, but you’ll want to know these groups and why they made the cut for your own personal reasons.

This list is surprising.  I surprised myself over the holidays in fleshing out the winners.

And as a program director, I will take the advice of one of my mentors, Paul Drew, who said, “always count down the hits in order” and that’s what I’ve done.

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  1. The best group in all of radio has a significant amount of debt – and it hasn’t stopped them from being “the best”. 
  2. Which of the best radio groups is the most unlikely group to be included and what significant reason got them in anyway.
  3. If you think you’ll be looking for a new job in the year ahead, start at the top of this list and get going.  This list is for serious radio lifers.
  4. Which “shoe-ins” blew it and why you should use caution if you’re considering work at these companies.
  5. What is the best digital company in radio?  In all but one case, digital has nothing to do with the excellence these companies achieved, but guess which one was the exception.  Good to know if your future is in digital.
  6. How many of these 9 can you name – focus on the best.

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