5 Moves Clear Channel Will Make Next

Clear Channel as we know it will not exist in a few short years.

The dismantling is already being planned.

This will help explain some of their questionable decisions lately that have little to do with running a successful radio station group.

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  1. Surprise!  Which big chunk of Clear Channel will be sold off to pay down debt.
  2. Why their recent sale of Australian stations is the template for how they intend to run the stations they keep in the U.S.  This will be you.
  3. The percentage of workforce that must go by the end of this year just to help pay the interest on their $20.5 billion in debt.
  4. The two exit plans on the table that would hurt a lot of employees – you won’t like either one.
  5. If Clear Channel can’t fire you, here’s their next best opportunity to “right size” you.

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