Be Relevant In The New Radio Industry

In an industry where less is always more, it is hard to stay relevant.

Success is cutting expenses to consolidators.

But even good local-minded broadcasters have to operate differently in this business climate.

They need to watch their expenses just like everyone else, but they also need to be smarter about creating and selling local content and they can’t afford to be caught only streaming as their major contribution to digital media.

Many of you know my background as a professor at the University of Southern California where I taught generational media.  My associates were outstanding resources for understanding the 80 million strong Millennial generation and it was there that I created the prototype to my annual Media Solutions Conference which is now presented for broadcast media executives.

With significant generational media changes in lifestyle, content and technology along with the challenges of being a radio station in the digital age where the car is no longer a monopoly for radio, we need to refocus, refresh and reinvent.

That’s what this conference is about.

  1. How to disrupt your radio station before digital competitors do. It used to be we feared our competitors, now it is technology, an infinite number of alternative content choices and the whirlwind impact of social media we fear.  We need to understand how to really disrupt our stations without damaging them – and I will show you.  You’re going to like it and get good at disruption.  After all, Google and Apple made a fortune doing it.
  2. Master digital.  Streaming, websites and fumbling around with social media will not be sufficient.  I will tell you about an entrepreneur who uses video with social media and earns her $3 million a year.  That’s without selling any advertising, no product placement and – are you ready?  No commercials.  This will be my gift to you and since the Media Solutions Conference is never streamed or recorded for sale to non-attendees, you’ll want to be in Philly for this learning module.
  3. Shakeup social media strategies.  To be honest, the Millennials who drive social media are fickle and they are in the midst of bailing on Facebook and Twitter right now.  Yet most stations are dependent on these social networks as part of their media strategy. Earlier I said we must use our resources more judiciously so wasting time on social media that 80 million people are abandoning is not a good use of resources.  You’ll learn the social media sites to embrace including a few new surprises and the ones to back off of.  Attend this conference and I promise -- your station will not be the one caught trying to be cool when the audience has moved on.
  4. Reinvent radio for the digital age.  The big conundrum is where should on-air radio and digital content meet?  What is the new purpose for an FM radio station?  Is there a use for AM for a large youthful audience that is not inclined to like any kind of radio including satellite radio.  How to know what Pandora really is which is not your on-air competitor at all – it’s your advertising competitor and there are strategies to shut them down or out of your local markets.  There is a more effective way to reinvigorate your radio station that is increasingly under attack from digital competitors and you’ll leave Philly with that.
  5. Growth opportunities in short-form video.   Let me be blunt.  It doesn’t matter if you’re number one in your radio market, it’s now mandatory that you be number one in video as well.  YouTube is the new hit radio station to teens.  Netflix is the new TV.  Cable is dead with them and bundling will end after a long fight by the cable companies to keep it on life support.  Radio stations are natural content creators for video and I will explain the opportunities, risks and rewards on March 26th.
  6. Engage 80 million Millennials.  Radio talks to itself these days.  Unless we know the things that Millennials really care about then it will be difficult to remain viable in the radio business.  They hate hype.  Respectfully, we are the masters of hype.  Millennials are a very civic generation.  We do a lot less of getting involved in civic pursuits than we used to and nothing near what will get them to give a second listen to radio.  Millennials don’t see color or gender and yet our stations are largely run by men, with too few women on-air and very little diversity.  But there is a comeback plan and you’ll get it.
  7. Time-shift radio.  Think about it.  Now we all want to access content when we want to, where we want to and how.  But radio is a broadcast medium, how does it time-shift?  The out of touch think that they just need to podcast some programs or personalities and that would be incorrect.  In fact, learning the exact length of content for the younger end of the money demo will be worth the day in Philly if the other modules are not enough.  Plainly put, we all must learn to time-shift radio.  First in wins.

As you can see, my 2014 Media Solutions Conference has a full agenda and will be a game changer for radio broadcasters who understand that they must change to be relevant to a changing audience.

I do hope you will join me for this face-to-face learning session with lots of take home pay.

March 26, 2014 at the Rittenhouse Hotel, Philadelphia.

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Clear Channel’s Daring New Cutbacks

Just when you thought Clear Channel ran out of ways to shrink the company, they come up with this harebrained idea.

A corporate fatwa has been issued to local markets – they’ve even been given a deadline to comply.

Maybe this is what Bob Pittman was trying to cover up when he told The New York Times he liked his employees to dissent.

As you’ll see, I am suspecting Clear Channel is getting ready to do something drastic in order to wrestle with its $20 billion in debt.

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Bob Pittman Wants Dissent

Bob Pittman recently told The New York Times he encourages dissent.  But on Monday, September 23rd, Pittman took action to cut off dissent throughout Clear Channel.  What’s coming to surface is how Pittman operates like a dictator.  What is he up to now by saying one thing quite publicly and doing the exact opposite privately? 

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Cumulus Fire Sale Coming

There are at least two Lew Dickeys – maybe more.

One is the button down business exec that Wall Street money people like to hear because there is never a bad day or bad quarter at Cumulus.

Then there is the other Lew Dickey.

The guy on the street corner selling fake Rolex watches.

Okay, maybe not that desperate but desperate enough to have to start selling stuff to trim his balance sheet.

You may be amazed at what Cumulus could be selling off next to stay afloat.

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  1. The most mind blowing move to sell off local assets to raise needed money.
  2. The stations most likely to go on the block.
  3. One business that would shock everyone if Cumulus sold it – and there’s a good chance of it.
  4. Two new ways to cut expenses – some pretty dramatic.  And that’s saying a lot from this company.
  5. The “doomsday” scenario – doing this is better than having to file for bankruptcy in a few years but it might hurt some egos.

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Discover A New Revenue Stream

Best plan is to do great radio and squeeze out as much money as possible while it remains viable.

Strangle your competitors.

Super serve your advertisers in ways that previously unheard of.

But that’s only one part of future monetization.

The other is to establish a second stream of free cash flow that compliments the skills sets, assets and people who are driving radio revenue.

Radio people erroneously think this is the Internet.

It is not.

Some concepts from our upcoming Media Solutions Conference in Philly:

  • Education, not information, not entertainment, not social media is that revenue stream.
  • Ask me to tell you about the media companies that are secretly dabbling in this area right now afraid that the news will get out too soon.  They want to keep this away from competitors and you should, too.
  • Close down the website, they don’t make money and they distract.  Real revenue comes from enabling people to be better at that which they aspire to.  Come away with a plan.
  • Virtually unlimited growth because radio can get into this business but not everybody can.
  • And the big consolidators do not have an advantage over smaller operators when it comes to this new second stream of free cash flow.

You’ve heard about the importance of the second screen.

Come to Philly and go to school on the second “stream”.

Reserve a seat now. 

Reserve one day, all meals included – hurry to get the last few on-site hotel rooms left at event prices.

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Here’s the curriculum:

1.  Disrupt Your Radio Station

  • Blow it up without losing listeners.
  • We clear up how to gain audience by attacking all the things digital age listeners hate about radio before a digital competitor does it.
  • Use this plan to drastically alter and destroy the old structure the way Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and Netflix did.
  • Turn ordinary radio into new revenue streams.
  • Solve virtually every critical objection digital-age listeners have about radio with newfound confidence to innovate.

2.  Master Digital

  • Learn how people you probably don’t know make millions of dollars in digital without running commercials or even selling banner ads.  It is being done right now but traditional media isn’t doing it.  Consider this your game plan. 
  • Reinvent the station website to churn out money.  Rethink social media.  Forget clicks and “likes”. 
  • A better option than streaming and a way for your station to become the “Netflix of Radio”.

3.  Succeed With New Social Media Strategies

  • End radio’s social media slump:  Instagram is ousting Facebook.  And Twitter is in trouble.  Time to alter the way you do social media with this new plan.
  • Social Media Shakeup: texting with pictures is where you should be.  Fast track it.
  • Social Media SOS:  social media is no longer just about staying connected so if your radio station is relying on today’s social media, this is a heads up to get with it.

4.  Reinvent Radio For the Digital Age

  • Shake up the way you do radio to make it a growth industry again.  3 month plan of action to get started.
  • Better radio on a budget
  • Harnessing personalities – how to build a stable of personalities from you station, your farm system and the ones let go by competitors to be part of a new venture.  Best yet, you never have to pay their salaries.
  • Finding the digital sweet spot – creating something so compelling that you put a big price tag on it and wait until the first advertiser pays it.  It won’t be a long wait.
  • Don’t go down with Facebook and Twitter, boost social connectivity by building your own local replacement.
  • Fiscally responsible alternatives for innovating local radio. 
  • Learn the most effective approach to reinvigorating a radio station that is under attack from digital competitors.  The secret is in one paragraph you will want to memorize as your credo. 

5.  Growth Opportunities in Short-Form Video

  • Discover how entrepreneurs are making millions by doing short form video that contains no ads and has no subscription fees.  This more than pays for your tuition!
  • Target key areas of growth for short-form video.
  • The one-stop solution to making social, short-form video for a profit.

6.  Engage 80 Million Millennials

  • Audience building secrets to engage Millennials and win them back to radio. 
  • One-Day Life-Changer:  Make radio instantly cooler.
  • I will share my work in generational media that indicates this young and massive audience is available to traditional media such as radio, TV and the record industry but not by continuing the status quo. 
  • Come away knowing their hot buttons and their turn offs.

7. Time Shift Radio

  • New rules:  All content must be available on-demand – everything.  The audience is demanding it all and all at once. 
  • The real solution for creating time shifted radio content. 
  • Critical question that will be answered: Whether to rely on over-the-air broadcasts for time shifting or create new content. 
  • Boost revenue by marketing time shifting as a new stream of revenue.  Go to school on time shifting.

March 26, 2014 at the Rittenhouse Hotel, Philadelphia 7:30 to 4 pm.

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Look Out for Joel Hollander At Entercom

The appointment of the man to the Entercom board who failed his way right out of a job running CBS Radio is not what you think it is.

Joel Hollander has a real future at Entercom – consider this a warning.

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1.  The real reason Joel Hollander may have been recruited to join the Entercom board of directors – it ties into a bigger scheme.

2.  The big elephant in the room – underperforming sales and how that is putting the pressure on Entercom CEO David Field to step up.

3.  Most of Entercom’s problems are being caused by corporate management.  But who is going to pay for these mistakes.

4.  What one option does a company with a reputation for being “cheap” have left.

5.  Plus, the big question, can Entercom keep losing money with no repercussions?

The answers begin by clicking “read more” below for your options.

My 2014 Media Solutions Conference March 26 in Philadelphia is the go-to place for broadcasting in the digital era.  Reserve a seat or inquire about sending a group.

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The Endangered Album

Katy Perry’s new album sold fewer than 300,000 copies during the first week when it was recently introduced.

Not even 300,000 copies and includes digital.

And the first week of album sales is usually the best week.

Lady Gaga is out hyping her ArtPop album because the pressure is on this huge star to keep the hits coming.

Gaga even has to become Stefani Germanotta again if that will help.

It’s not just that the album is dead – it’s that no one wants to pay for music anymore.

And it’s no longer about piracy.

It’s about a lack of interest in owning music.

We did this to ourselves – the music and radio industries and Steve Jobs assisted by playing to the paranoia of record execs who feared Napster more than recording a bunch of stiffs.

This is a Spotify and Pandora world.

Radio doesn’t make hits not because people don’t listen to radio – that too – but because the public’s attitude toward music has changed so much in the last 12 years that there is no going back.

Going forward, everything about music – the one thing we’ve always taken for granted – is about to change again.

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