Regent Reborn

So, if we are to believe the announcement yesterday, Regent CEO Bill Stakelin and CFO Tony Vasconcellos have been shown the door.

Don't get me wrong -- it was all nicey nice. "They have chosen this moment to move on" is what the new owners said.

Regent emerged from bankruptcy with a group of investment capitalists running the show. After all, they traded debt for equity and became the owners -- a familiar scenario in radio these days.

Steven Price (industry veteran Bob Price's son) is the new CEO and chairman.

Stuart Rosenstein the new CFO.

Thus, Oaktree Capital has installed its own management with the&hellip

Cumulus Buying Salem or Radio One or Going Private

So what is Lew Dickey up to?

Get the feeling that there is an end game going on and the industry, shareholders and Wall Street are being distracted?

Try this one on for size.

That new Cumulus Investment Partners, the currently unfunded, publicly touted new venture with Crestview, is a smokescreen for eventually retiring Cumulus debt and taking the company private.

Private is in -- Jeff Smulyan finally worked a deal with investors and shareholders last week. But more on Emmis in a moment.

Dickey, who has earned the nickname "Tricky" Dickey, looks around at buying Salem and/or Radio One with play money --&hellip