I Owe Citadel An Apology

Yesterday, I wrote a commentary about Citadel using content from Peak's KMJ, Fresno on its KSFO in San Francisco.

As I pointed out in my piece, Fresno news, weather and even traffic was allegedly being aired in San Francisco unfiltered.

This info came from a radio man -- a good one at that -- with no horse in the Bay Area race who made an honest mistake.

He explains:

"I discovered that an error was made and that my AM in home non-digital studio radio was picking up a multi path of KMJ right next to the KSFO frequency. I live in Marin County and it just didn

How I See Radioǃ

Imagine not having to tune in to a terrestrial radio show from 5 to 10 am but still hear the things about radio you used to love.

Instead -- a personality or team of personalities making content available on mobile devices like the iPod, iPad, iPhone, smartphones, car entertainment centers and whatever other technology may surface in the months and years ahead.

This terrestrial show does not exist on-the-air. Just as a cornucopia of features for your favorite mobile Internet device.


What My iPad Is Teaching Me

My wife and I waited by the door for the FedEx delivery late last week.

We were expecting our 3G iPads. Birthdays seem to come so quickly but iPads seem to take forever. That