Over the course of each month, many of my readers have a chance to check in with paranormal radio stories that can be so bizarre that they belong in Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

These are real stories from real radio people about unbelievable things that have actually happened in the radio industry.

To give you a comparison, in the book

Armageddon or Radio’s Promised Land

The last battle is coming between good and evil before the day of judgment.

I call it Armageddon Radio.

For years now I have been warning that the radio industry would forever decline if it did not embrace the digital beyond.

Many of you agree.

Radio CEOs do not.

But now even they cannot dodge the mounting evidence that just running on-air stations will not be good enough to sustain a growth industry.


Citadel: Life After Bankruptcy

What a world this is when radio companies file for bankruptcy, turn shareholder investments into worthless paper and then, with the blessing of a judge, start all over again as if nothing happened.

I recently saw Tom Friedman, The New York Times columnist and bestselling author on Charlie Rose the other night.

Friedman said that we have now entered an era when politicians for the first time in history will be taking things away from their constituents rather than giving something to them.


Cumulus Intern Abuse Allegations

The charmed career of Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey may have hit a big bump in the road.

Several current and former Cumulus employees have told Robert Ottinger, the attorney leading a separate employment class action suit against Cumulus for what Ottinger terms

Another Study Vindicates Filesharing

Steve Meyer, who as I have often said is the smartest observer of the record industry, knocked my eyes out in a recent issue of his publication Disc & DAT (Digital Audio Technology).

Yet another study that exonerates filesharing as the culprit in today