The Mad Media Meltdown

The trades are all abuzz with news that radio may, in fact, be headed for another challenging year financially. And when the trades admit it, it must be bad because they like to keep their constituents


The Paid Internet

If you owned a record store ten years ago and I walked in the front door and asked you to give me some of the merchandise you were currently selling, you'd likely throw me out on my butt.

However, at the serious onset of the Internet in 2000, business establishments, retailers, publishers and entertainment companies knowingly cooperated with the emerging free Internet and began to giveaway content for free.

In some cases, businesses resisted and consumers did a workaround. I'm thinking of the record industry where young people found ways to steal music, share it illegally or quasi-legally through bit torrent&hellip



The New Year has hardly begun and my Repeater Reporter network is back in full swing again reporting abuses and out of this world real stories about the consolidators who are running radio.

They are burning up the phones to 1-800-CALL JD.

Just as in Ripley's Believe It Or Not that inspired this series -- these deals, bizarre events and items are so strange and unusual that readers might question the claims.

As incredible as they may seem, sadly, there is no shortage of bizarre stories like these in the radio industry today.

Here are the latest allegations:

Cumulus Writes Up a Sales Rep for Too Much&hellip


Pissing Away the Audience

There was a real good piece written by Scott Harris for AOL recently that is so scary it ought to make anyone in the media business think seriously about the repercussions of how they are making decisions.

The article reports that television


How the Music Industry Is About To Change

The bad news is in -- as it has been almost every year since 2000.

Album sales in the U.S. are down year to year 13% and that includes digital revenue according to Nielsen SoundScan.



Why Failed Radio CEOs Get Contract Renewals

How does a CEO drive a company into bankruptcy and wind up getting rewarded for it?

It happened again late last week.

Let me set the scene.

It becomes public that Regent, the small market radio group, failed to make a loan payment by their December 31st deadline.

But wait