The Brand New Citadel

It is truly fitting that Citadel Media filed for bankruptcy on a Sunday -- yesterday -- when the stock market was closed and people were either obsessed with the blizzard on the east coast or football.

Many of my readers have been writing over the weekend to find out more details on what the future of Citadel Media looks like so I'd like to give you a glimpse of the post-bankruptcy Citadel.

But first, keep in mind that in spite of what you may read in the next few days, this is a done deal.

As one source whose background is radio and the financial world reminds us, "It

Cox Radioǃ

Bob Neil, President and CEO of Cox Radio has been changing the sales structure of his radio group for about the past 12 months in an attempt to respond to changing times.

Most recently, the final piece of the puzzle was completed at the Atlanta cluster.

The revised sales strategy is significant and I thought you

How to Get 35% More Radio Audience and Go Broke

Last week, Inside Radio reported that researcher John Snyder presented a new study at the Arbitron Fly-In that supposedly is everything you need to know about spot placement in a People Meter world.


Cumulus Invents Hifiring

From the radio group that brought you sales meetings with spy cameras comes the latest innovation in Harvard educated CEO Lew Dickey's arsenal of weapons.

It is called Hifiring.

That's the art of hiring people at the very same time the company fires an equal or greater number of employees.