Pre-packaged Bankruptcy for Citadel

If you want to know how Citadel CEO Farid "Fagreed" Suleman is going to avoid filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy January 15th when he can't pay $150 million in debt, here's the answer.

It appears the fix is on right now to emerge with a pre-packaged bankruptcy for Citadel.

That is, it happens fast.

Everything is predictable because it has been negotiated in advance and it's kind of like having the honeymoon before the wedding.

Without this maneuver, Citadel throws its fate into the hands of a bankruptcy judge who is likely to appoint caretakers to preside over Citadel while a plan is drawn up to emerge from&hellip

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If Citadel is so close to bankruptcy, then why is CEO Farid Suleman continuing to fire employees?

Can Farid fire enough people to save the $150 million that is due to lenders in January