Radio: Lee & Bain vs. Jerry Lee

Thomas Lee Partners out of Boston and Bain Capital, the buyout firms behind the Clear Channel privatization (and many other buyouts) have one way of doing radio.

They buy a large established industry leader, cut expenses to the bone, operate it until the market allows them to -- sell it for a greater profit than what they paid.

That's the Lee & Bain way -- nothing wrong with it -- if you're an investor.

But for operators, there is another way.

Last week, Jerry Lee, the owner for life of WBEB (B-101), Philadelphia showed the industry what operators do when they want to actually keep the stations and make lots&hellip


The Future Radio Morning Show

I am expanding my private practice to include advising new media and broadcasting on future content models that could reap financial benefits.

And here's why.

One of the many concepts that I believe passes the litmus test with the next generation


Who Is the Mr. Burns of Radio?

C. Montgomery Burns is


Clear Channel 3.0

Version 1.0 was Lowry Mays and Red McCombs building their little Texas radio group pre-consolidation.

And 2.0 was Lowry and sons Randall and Mark with Randy Michaels telling them how to build radio clusters. It was when Jacor and AM/FM were acquired to build the 1,10o station platform Clear Channel used to dominate the industry, that is -- until it ran out of gas.

Now, what's Clear Channel 3.0 likely to look like.

Clear Channel is aggressively moving to get the new deal to take the company private approved by its shareholders. The Mayses have moved the voting date up to the end of July -- smart tactic in an industry&hellip


The Radio & Records To Do List

First, the record labels:

1. Stop the RIAA lawsuits against college kids and youth by declaring victory and giving up on this failed strategy that has backfired by increasing piracy not stopping it.

2. Give up trying to sell monthly subscription plans so listeners can access millions of songs