The Weird Channel Deal

Did you see how Clear Channel began saying publicly that the Lee and Bain bailout may never happen? Then, a few days later brinksmanship brought the banks and Clear Channel together to arrive at a lower, more realistic purchase price at $36 a share along with other considerations. Now their fate is in the hands of the shareholders once again.

Leave it to the largest, storied radio group to come up with one of the weirdest sales that has ever graced our industry.

First, Clear Channel honchos do a gut check and find nothing there

Radio and Airlines

The radio business is really the airline business.

Flying back to Philly for the hockey playoffs this week, it occurred to me that the similarities are so striking.

Radio and airlines crave consolidation and each has failed miserably as consolidated industries. That doesn

Randy & The Rainbows

I saw a video of Randy Michaels speaking to a group of newspaper people at the Allentown Morning Call.


Farid Einstein: Half is More

No, the CEO of Citadel is not talking about his company's stock price -- that's much lower than half.

At about $1.50 a share, what's half -- 75 cents?

Farid Suleman, the bean counter loosely disguised as a wannabe Jack Welsh, is considering cutting his sales staff.


And you wonder why this hapless radio industry can't get it turned around.

He believes as much as half of revenues would come in with or without a salesperson. That's right. Open mouth, put foot in. Suleman as quoted in Inside Radio added "why are we paying commissions for that revenue?"

Note that he did not say why Citadel&hellip