How To Get A 29 Share in Radio

That's what Jerry Lee's WBEB-FM (B-101), Philadelphia got among women 18+ for the week of December 13-19. That's a 27 share adults 25-54. A 1.2 million cume and double the listeners of the number two station -- all news KYW. All this courtesy of the Arbitron People Meter.

A few days ago I wrote a piece about the irony of Christmas radio -- how an arguably increasingly secular holiday can work wonders for radio ratings.

As my programming friends in radio know, Christmas music is only a part of the success of a radio station for six short weeks of the year. The other ingredients are rarely discussed.

My first job in&hellip

The Audacity of Dopes

Barack Obama, the author of the book The Audacity of Hope, and Mike Huckabee, the spiritual GOP presidential candidate are the news media's new catalysts for change. Their surprising and convincing wins in the Iowa caucuses last week have forced many of their competitors into embracing change if for no other reason than to get elected.

Consumers of entertainment also want change.

I can tell you that first hand from the youth end of the market -- the next generation and I think you might be surprised to find that even older, prime demographic groups also want a new approach to the entertainment and information they&hellip

HD Radio & Apple — What Would Jesus Do?

I always get a kick out of it when someone asks "what would Jesus do". We're hearing it a lot these days. Who knows? How could you ever be sure.

But when it comes to HD Radio and Apple together -- I think even Jesus would pray. Pray a lot.

The radio industry is setting itself -- and its advertisers -- up for yet another in a long sustained series of disappointments by speculating that Apple's rumored decision to inject its cool into a very uncool device will jump start HD Radio. If Jobs, at the MacWorld Convention in a few weeks, unveils HD on-board boom boxes with iPod docking stations, it will wind up meaning nothing&hellip

The Irony of Christmas Radio

Breaking news.

Arbitron shows WBEB (B-101), Philadelphia doubling its December ratings from an 8.2 to a whopping 15.8. Praise be to God. No. Praise be to the People Meter that tracks seasonal format changes like lightning.

Clear Channel's KODA in Houston jumped from a 5.2 to an 8.9 thanks to Christmas music and the PPM.

Even in New York, Clear Channel's Lite WLTW-FM jumped from 6.1 to 8.2 with huge increases in cume and that's without the Arbitron People Meter.

Maybe the best people meter is actually -- people.

It's pure irony.

Radio audiences love Christmas in spite of all the social-correctness&hellip

Apple Store vs. Record Store

You've probably noted how impressed I have been with Apple as a company -- mostly for their ability to understand and market to the next generation.

While they succeed at marketing to the next generation on a major level as witnessed by the sale of iPods, iPhones, and Mac computers, they prove that doing right by Gen Y is good for business among older customers.

A recent article in The New York Times shows that the physical Apple store -- brick and mortar --&hellip