The Killer Morning Radio Show

A week or so ago I mentioned I had an idea for building a killer morning show. The theory being -- terrestrial radio is not likely to attract new young listeners but if it snags more listening from the available audience in the mornings then it will ring the cash register.

Radio stations are fighting the first effects of a recession and fighting themselves at the same time.

There is little they can do about the economic downturn, but there is a lot they can do about maximizing free cash flow.

There are the traditional ideas: cut the spotload and raise the rates. I like it. But radio executives don

Britney and Unfitney (The Big Four Labels)

The world is worried about whether Britney Spears is going to off herself eventually and Dr. Phil McGraw got himself in trouble for allegedly reaching out to Spears and her family for the purpose of furthering his top rated TV show.

So who should the record industry call when they can't call ghostbusters?

Dr. Phil, of course.

The record industry is suicidal. Unsafe at any speed. It's long overdue for an intervention. Please, Dr. Phil --it needs your special brand of tough love.

Let's look at how Britney and Unfitney (The Big Four Labels) are alike.

1. Britney has been seen in public without her panties&hellip

The Inconvenient Truth About Radio

Is it too late for radio?



Can't say I'm not direct. I am asked this question constantly -- not by my young students but by people working in the media business. The students represent Gen Y and they really have no meaningful connection to terrestrial radio.

They have their own means of finding, storing and listening to music and they don't care about news and talk on traditional stations. An exception would be NPR stations that many in this demographic seem to like. And as I have written previously, my students have told me they don't think of NPR or KCRW as radio. God forbid.


Cheaper Channel

Inside Radio is quoting sources as saying the FCC is going to approve the Clear Channel sale to investment bankers Lee and Bain.

Department of Justice approval would likely follow.

Then, sit back and enjoy the action thriller.

You read the headlines. You know that the radio industry is posting declining revenues. Most analysts say the best radio could hope for in 2008 is a flat year. Not exactly a climate that will attract investment capital.

How would you like to be Lee and Bain? If you believe they will actually close on the purchase to take Clear Channel private, they are guaranteeing shareholders $39 a&hellip


It's all becoming evident now that the revolution begun by the next generation is dramatically changing the world and, along with it, the music media business.

David Bowie sang "Time may change me, But I can't trace time".

Change is everywhere.

Ironically enough, one of the few things I could do within my core skills when I served my four year non-compete with Inside Radio's new owners was to teach. Who would have thought? And what a gift it was. Over four years ago when I first arrived on campus I quickly understood that something major was happening among the next generation and that folks in traditional media&hellip