Hy Lit, Radio Star

Legendary Philadelphia radio personality Hy Lit died Saturday at 73. He had come down with Parkinson


Don’t Tase Me, RIAA

Warner Music Group CEO Edgar Bronfman, Jr. has apparently changed his tune.

He is quoted as telling a GSMA Mobile Asia Conference "We used to think our content was perfect just exactly as it was. We expected our business would remain blissfully unaffected even as the world of interactivity, constant connection and filesharing was exploding. And of course we were wrong".

Is Warner Records wising up?

It's apparent that Bronfman who went on to praise Apple and its iPhone is smart enough to understand that his industry is in deep trouble and he already knows how bad off Warner is. Don't look any further than losing&hellip


Sick Radio

Firing people when they are sick is sick.

The radio industry is sick these days.

Wonder if there is any connection?

I admit I'm not naive about corporate management and I acknowledge that big companies often have no heart. I worked for one of them and I have been an agent of pain.

When I worked for General Cinema, the movie chain that ran some radio stations in major markets, I was forced to tell a widow of one of my young jocks who died of cancer that the company had no death benefits to pay her.

She said,


SoundExchange Is Right

John Simson, the executive director of SoundExchange, an industry organization that collects royalties for record labels and artists is right.

He wrote in a recent Inside Radio commentary "People should be fairly paid for the work they do".

I think what Simson means is that record labels and artists should be fairly paid for the work they do.

But radio stations should be fairly paid for the work they do -- sell the record labels' product.

In other words, while Simson is trying to put the squeeze on radio stations for additional performance fees, radio stations should be charging the labels and artists for all&hellip


Wal-Mart Records

Is the next generation with their iPods and piracy killing the record labels or are the record labels and their artists killing the record business?

You could make arguments on both sides, but something is killing the business of selling music.

Wal-Mart sold 710,000 of the Eagles new album


The Radio Fire Sale



Radio’s New Litmus Test

There has been such a big stink in the radio industry over adopting the new Arbitron Portable People Meter ratings system that it is easy for the real issues to get lost in the controversy.

There is no doubt radio needs to adopt, support and, yes, improve the PPM methodology. The potential is there for curing the under reporting of radio stations and at the same time the risk exists of inaccurately reporting certain formats that are popular with specific demographics. Still, the PPM is the future.

But I have a litmus test, if you will, for a radio station's real popularity that has nothing to do with Arbitron diaries or&hellip