Radio: Bluff It or Buffett

It's hard to know for sure how the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett, would run a radio conglomerate.

You might point out that Buffett has resisted the temptation of buying a radio group.

Certainly, stations were overpriced when consolidation came along (post-1996) and Buffett likes a bargain. Owning radio stations still is very expensive even without a future beyond Gen X and Baby Boomers. If and when Bain Capital (which got $1.5 billion in concessions from Home Depot recently) shaves some money off its Clear Channel purchase price, Clear Channel principals will still be seeing a lot of profit.

Assuming the banks still&hellip

Viral Radio

CBS Radio was at it again in Phoenix over the hot Labor Day weekend in the Valley of the Sun.

Oldies KOOL-FM (or more politically correct, Classic Hits) dusted off the 30 year History of Rock and Roll narrated by Bill Drake and made a marathon out of the three-day holiday.

KOOL-FM has a history of utilizing the History at least once per summer, it seems. This year, they've run it on two long holiday weekends.

Many of you have heard me wax eloquent about how outstanding this type of thing is, but now I'd like to expand upon it. Provide a little more meaning, if I can.

The History of Rock rolls on (as the old&hellip