The Pirates of LA and New York

Do you ever get the feeling that the four major record labels can't be bothered with the next generation and their unorthodox ways?

These labels are so secretive, silent and yes, shameful these days while almost everyone else is at least trying something to become part of the digital future.

Their seeming indifference to reality leads us to to butcher a famous Marie Antoinette quote: "Let them eat vinyl".

Look, I don't like theft any more than the labels do.

When I owned the trade publication Inside Radio we used to charge over $400 a year for each subscription to the daily fax of news and comment. I sure as&hellip


What If Apple Marketed HD Radio

HD is amazing radio -- the best that's ever been created. Its revolutionary ability to deliver several channels from the same station will bring variety back to radio listening. HD radio combines three products -- your usual channel in enhanced audio, several sub-channels with additional programming and a digital readout to provide critical information. It's an entirely new way to listen to radio and it's available June 29th.


I can't do this. I'm playing with you just to make a point.

That exciting first paragraph is inspired by the Apple web site description of&hellip


While Radio Says “What, Me Worry?”

Like the iconic heart and soul of Mad Magazine, Alfred E. Neuman, the radio industry is being run by many radio CEOs who have taken Neuman's motto to heart: "what, me worry"?

I don't believe -- no, can't believe, that radio CEOs are concerned about the digital future vis-a-vis their radio stations.

They certainly do worry about quarterly earnings.

They worry about share price.

They worry about the next play.

The digital future? It doesn't seem like our radio leaders have a care in the world.

All one needs to do is take a look at the amount of money terrestrial radio companies have committed to the&hellip


The Lunacy of Citadel Buying ABC

Why is it that when a company spends $2.7 billion to do a complicated buyout of an old radio company everyone thinks they are good investors?

Am I the only one who looks at Citadel's purchase of ABC as a colossal overpayment for radio stations with an aging audience and a questionable future.

I don't mean this as criticism of the programming people and managers who have made ABC one of the most profitable radio groups. It's just that their time is up. Their stations are not going to win the future generation and yet Citadel gets backing to do the ABC deal based on a lot of good yesterdays.

I'm not naive. I know why&hellip


Answer To Radio Music Royalties: Stop The Music

From the people who brought you suing their customers you now have "performance fees" for terrestrial radio.

Their argument goes: satellite and Internet must pay a performance fee, so the nation's AM and FM stations should, too. These extra fees -- in addition to music licensing charges -- could seriously impact the radio industry as it fights for a place in the digital world.

But what groups like Music First coalition are guaranteeing is their further demise as well.

The record industry is in worse shape than radio. This desperate last-ditch attempt to&hellip


Panty Raids — The Best Radio Can Offer

Did you catch the latest radio blunder -- this one out of Philadelphia?

It seems that CBS-owned WYSP's "Free FM" had a discussion on panties Wednesday morning.

Kidd Chris was entertaining frequent contributor Danny Ozark (real name Peter Goldman) on-the-air when Ozark confessed that he met a girl at a June 2nd Phillies game who was house sitting for local NBC10 investigative reporter Lu Ann Cahn.

As the story goes, the girl inappropriately invited Ozark and a buddy to the house where they eventually went through Cahn's underwear drawers. He is reported to have said that he had hoped to try some on but he knew they&hellip


Radio Failing Online

I knew this years ago when I arrived on the campus of USC.

I didn't want to believe it. Didn't believe that it was as bad as it has turned out to be, but now the latest Arbitron data is confirming my worst fears -- streaming terrestrial radio is laying an egg on the Internet.

This in spite of all the hype about how certain large conglomerates are increasing their online streaming numbers. In reality they are going from hardly any online listeners to their terrestrial programming to almost hardly any listeners when you compare apples to apples.

How does less than 1% sound?

Online listening to AM/FM stations&hellip