How Can You Tell The Hollander Roast From Real Life?

The outstanding John Bayliss Foundation had themselves an American Idol-type roast last night by choosing CBS Radio head Joel Hollander to be the honored as a roastee. Who would have known that Hollander would be the hot topic in New York, in The New York Post, in the radio industry and everywhere on the evening of March 22, 2007.

See, he's apparently on the way out of his job in a high profile firing/resignation that has become quite public. Hollander is supposedly unhappy with his boss, CBS CEO Les Moonves, a television man. It's hard to tell the spin from the sin here. Who leaked to The Post? Who got fed up with whom?&hellip

Hey Radio — They’re Coming To Take You Away, Ha-haaa!

Just like in the novelty record by Napoleon XIV. It's now radio's theme song:

Remember when you ran away
And I got on my knees
And begged you not to leave
Because I'd go berserk?
Well. . .

You left me anyhow
And then the days got worse and worse
And now you see I've gone
Completely out of my mind
And. . .

They're coming to take me away, HA HA
They're coming to take me away, HO HO HEE HEE&hellip

HD Radio Is Scaring Me

CNN Radio asked me to do an interview last week on their show "Digital Downbeat", a fast-moving, excellent show I had never heard of prior. Bob Struble, President, CEO and Chairman (all that) of iBiquity, the surviving and only HD technology company, represented the traditional radio side. You know who was asked to take it from the other side.

What transpired was spin-doctoring in the image of White House Press Secretary Tony Snow.

Struble was good. Real good.

He was also wrong. Dead wrong.

He led the audience to believe that HD radio was the hottest thing around. That HD was the future of radio. He also&hellip

The Fall of CBS Radio

Clear Channel was first in every way.

First to amass over 1,000 radio stations. First to not be able to run 1,000 radio stations. First to move to sell off 400+ radio stations -- a mini-Clear Channel. First to declare victory while share prices fell from the $90 range to the $30 range. First to know when to fold 'em and get out.

But the other Clear Channel is CBS.

I'll give you that CBS doesn't have the hard nose, take no prisoners attitude of the Mays family business, but when it comes to running radio stations into the ground they are in good company -- they take a backseat to no one -- except, of course Clear&hellip