Another Reason Why Google’s AdSense Is Nonsense

GM is cutting its ad expenditures by a whopping $600 million. Inside Radio reports that powerful ad exec Betsy Lazar told the Radio Advertising Bureau convention that business as usual won't win GM's business.

What does she mean?

No lazy 30 second ad pitches.

She wants ideas that show involvement by the station. Imagine. This from an industry that is flirting with letting Google automate its ad selling to cut costs. To radio's credit it may be flirting but it hasn't proposed marriage or even an affair with Google. Those who work in radio know that if radio is anything it is a one-on-one relationship with the&hellip

Dixie Chicks Vs. Radio Suits

Let's leave our political points of view on the war in Iraq out of this discussion. While the Dixie Chicks' ideological position on the war and their version of patriotism may have gotten them into trouble with conservatives and with country radio stations, the same position also won them some sympathy in Grammy voting where the group swept all five of the categories in which they were nominated and the coveted song of the year, record of the year and album of the&hellip

For Radio, It’s A “Hail Mary” Full of Disgrace

Ready. Aim. Fire.

The radio industry, a business of hard working people who love what they do but are held hostage to the bad decisions of their owner, has just shot itself in its collective foot one more time. Cox, Entercom, Cumulus, Radio One and, of course, their enabler, Clear Channel are at it again. They have offered what is said to be funding in the millions of dollars to help rival The Media Audit try again to derail Arbitron's Portable People Meter which is up and running "live" in Philadelphia now; will go live soon in Houston and has received accreditation in one market already. The price for this new service has&hellip

How Google Is Like … Clear Channel

If you've been following the battles that are cropping up over YouTube's dominance of Internet video clips, you may want to check out the back story.

Viacom made a very public gesture recently ordering YouTube to remove its considerable video content from the service. Even though sources say both sides were in negotiations over a content agreement, none was had. The number $100 million has been mentioned. Obviously, Viacom thinks its content is worth a lot more. And the issue may not just be doing a deal with Google but not wanting to have to feed the monster.

Then no sooner than Jeff Zucker took over as head of NBC&hellip

The War Between Steve Jobs And The Labels

This is starting to sound like the Democrats and Republicans on Iraq -- except the topic is digital rights management (DRM).

Apple CEO Steve Jobs takes the unusual step of using his clout and places a letter about the music industry on the Apple website. In it, he outlines a number of scenarios that are possible in the digital downloading era. One option, that he rejects, is to make Apple's security system called Fairplay available to other companies. No sooner than Jobs declares DRM dead, the mouthpiece of the record industry, the RIAA, decides to take him up on making Fairplay available to other manufacturers. Didn't he say&hellip