Clear Channel Liquidation Company

If you had a doubt as to what Clear Channel was up to when its actions proved it wasn't up to running a large radio group, you can now rest easy. The latest news is that Clear Channel plans on selling an additional 75 grandfathered stations for an approximate $1.1 billion dollar minimum take. That's on top of what they will earn from their already announced strategy of selling 448 stations below the top 100 markets. Clear Channel is doing better getting out of the business than it did by being in it. The same can't be said for their brethren -- the owners who lived in their shadow and sold ads against their mighty combos. But that's&hellip

The Problem With SNL’s Cingular Deal

NBC Universal has signed a deal with Cingular to allow their upgraded video customers to access clips, new content and archived material from Saturday Night Live. NBC recently launched a section for SNL on its web site. It seems like a good deal for Cingular, one of the largest mobile phone utilities and NBC Universal. But wait. Is it? In their race to be content conduits, utilities such as cell phone companies are beginning to scare me. They think exclusive deals for content will be a win-win and enhance their ability to get customers to upgrade phone service. The problem is that in the long run if SNL content is only available&hellip

Other Voices On Google Radio Ads

Consultant Jack Taddeo, a long time radio friend of mine and very thoughtful observer of the radio scene is interviewed on ZD Net's technology web site regarding the Google AdWords initiative in the radio industry. A sample: Taddeo is asked whether AdWords was a win-win for radio and advertisers:
"Not for stations. That is unless you are trying to reduce your ad inventory to pennies on the dollar. I call it the "station going out of business rate". The argument goes: if you have an open slot then why not get some money instead of no money? Plus you will be "sold out" which can help increase unit rate based on supply/demand pricing.&hellip

Inside The Beta Test of Google Radio Ads

AdWords customers involved in beta testing are experiencing a new kind of radio advertising sales. The AdWords system is similar to the online ad selling approach Google has made its name and profit from. Prospective radio advertisers -- and this could be companies or individuals who have never advertised on radio or thought of radio as an advertising medium -- can bid on the spots and target their ads by time of day, demographics, format and location. The advertisers see instant reports. Google is also working on a program that will refer new advertisers to people who can help them write copy and produce ads -- something like the&hellip

A Better Radio Sales Idea

Why not let the Radio Advertising Bureau supervise radio sales on a market by market basis? The groups and stations willing to opt in can finance the effort from savings derived from fielding a full sales staff. Yet the concept allows stations to opt in as much or as little as they feel comfortable doing on their own time, at their own speed (i.e., start by submitting unsold inventory and later, add other avails). I mention the RAB or some other sales organization so as to keep the effort fair. Standards should be set. Bids can be raised or lowered similar to how airfares are routinely priced. Two more advantages: RAB fields a&hellip