Gen Y Did What Eliot Spitzer Couldn’t

Even a politically ambitious New York Attorney General, Eliot Spitzer, couldn't stop payola. Congress has never been able to. Radio never wanted to. And record labels still in their heart of hearts believe it's just the price of doing business. So the latest news that CBS has settled its problem with Spitzer in exchange for a $2 million charitable donation while admitting to payola practices should appear to be another nail in the coffin of this "dreaded disease". Clear Channel, Emmis and Cox are among the major groups to be subpoenaed as part of Spitzer's jihad. Entercom is fighting Spitzer but hasn't had much success so far. So&hellip

Must See TV — Not NBC, YouTube

NBC Universal's plan -- the so-called "NBCU 2.0" -- is a frightening reminder to traditional media of what's coming. NBC plans to cut staff, stop producing expensive drama shows for the 8 pm slot, consolidate its operations and switch resources to digital media. The plan: cut costs and invest more in digital media opportunities where it expects its digital revenues to surpass $1 billion by 2009. But the house that Jack (Welsh) built has taken a hit from a few 22 year olds who were just screwing around in their garage -- not working on a car, but building YouTube. YouTube is fast becoming the new television. But traditional media has&hellip

I Invented WiFi — Really!

My first program director job was working for a wild man named John Tenaglia in Philadelphia at a General Cinema radio station with a signal you could only hear in a helicopter or so it seemed. The call letters were WIFI (92.5 FM). I say I invented WiFi because I pulled the plug on our Drake-Chenault automation "Hit Parade" to introduce live "Stereo Hits". Worked with some great people like Bill Figenshu and Mike Anderson, now publisher of STL Media. Lee Abrams also tangled with Johnny T in his career and we all survived and I guess were better off for&hellip

Record Labels Doing Smart Things

Warner led the other record labels excepting EMI in working deals with Google's YouTube. And they did it the smart way by negotiating a stake in Google's new acquisition. In return the labels get a collective $50 million worth of equity, a system for helping control digital rights and a pioneering position in a hot property that means a lot to the music industry. Now this is more like it. Better than suing consumers through RIAA. Better than sitting on the sidelines while technology passes them by. The record label of the future has to do more of this.&hellip

Radio’s Loss of Young Listeners May Be Unstoppable

Larry Rosin, a great guy and excellent researcher, was quoted in the New York Times recently as saying radio's unwillingness to target listeners in the 12-24 year old demographic instead of the money demo 25-54 is contributing to a significant drop in listening. Rosin's Edison Research indicates that listening hours have dropped about 21% among 18-24 year olds in the last ten years. Other mitigating circumstances are cited including the usual culprits -- the Internet, mobile devices, video games, movies, television, instant messages, portable music players and music downloading. What's significant -- and what the radio industry must&hellip