14 Steal-Worthy Radio Strategies

Ask anyone under 30 and they’ll tell you that radio is not very important to them.

How did we go from starting our listeners’ days and constantly following them around in the car to not very important?

I get that there are many digital competitors and that technology has changed but traditional media companies like radio have been too timid about taking back their listeners and advertisers.

We don’t do well when we try to be digital.

We’d be better to be ourselves and aggressively pursue a strategy of building stations for future audiences.

And simultaneously start additional and separate revenue streams for digital separate and apart from what goes out over the air.

Mobile content will soon eclipse radio advertising.  Radio is at $32.5 billion now and mobile will do $18 billion this year and a commanding $41.9 billion in 2017.

The biggest most powerful radio groups can’t figure out how to make radio a growth industry again.

My March 26th Philly conference is especially relevant because it focuses on the two most important issues our industry faces:

  • How to do great radio when competitors are cheapening the medium.
  • Unlocking better digital solutions that create additional revenue streams.

Here are some of the things you will learn at this one-day teaching event.

  1. How to disrupt your radio station before a digital competitor does it.  They are already disrupting spot ad rates and stealing local radio buys.
  2. What mistake not to make when extending your radio content and brand to digital.
  3. Drill down to the one digital initiative that is worth your time and money because it has a big financial reward.
  4. How to start your own social media network for pennies that will attract more audience and impress advertisers more than anything you are now doing with Facebook, Twitter, apps or even your own website.
  5. How to make targeted, key programming changes in a world obsessed with on-demand content.
  6. How to start your own radio station video business for next to nothing and reap big money within 12-18 months.  I’ll show you someone who is doing just that right now.
  7. How to attract young money demo listeners by following these four must-have things Millennials want from radio.
  8. The best way to time-shift radio in an era when listeners want what they want when they want it.
  9. The morning show of the future that doesn’t have any of the usual elements of current shows and why you want to be first to market with this prototype.
  10. Why you shouldn’t count on the digital dashboard to save critical out of home listening for radio.  Teen driver license applications are down dramatically in Florida suggesting a better strategic alternative.
  11. How to grow ad revenue with the same or fewer number of advertisers than you now have using this unique and tested formula.
  12. The one contest that has never been done on radio and that can instantly attract Millennials to not just listen but be glued to your stations.  Better yet, how to get an advertiser to gladly pay for it.
  13. For music stations – how to slay Pandora, expose your radio competitors weaknesses and rethink playlists and music rotation in a youth-friendly way.
  14. For talk stations – what is going to be the functional replacement for today’s talk radio.

I have several guest instructors who will join me.

More FM, Philadelphia owner Jerry Lee; Sean Hannity live in Philly and radio expert Michael Harrison.

The format is casual and interactive.  We will learn from each other and leave motivated to take advantage of the many opportunities ahead.

This event will not be available by stream or video – only live and in person. 

I can hardly wait to be with you for the entire day.

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If you’d like to stay on-site at The Rittenhouse Hotel at special conference rates, you will want to inquire about availability. Breakfast, lunch and all breaks included.  Conference starts at 8am with breakfast and ends at 4 pm.