1/3 of Sales Force Fired – iHeart Layoffs Begin

The post Vegas iHeart management meeting layoffs are officially under way.

In a big way.

One major market lost one-third of its sellers yesterday alone.

We now know enough to suggest which employees are being targeted at other iHeart stations.

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  1. The straightforward honest account of reported serial firings in one of iHeart’s most important markets. Spitting in their faces of employees on the way out the door.
  2. Which type of salesperson is being targeted – all the victims of yesterday’s massacre were this particular type of seller.
  3. For now, the one kind of account exec who can breathe a sigh of relief – not likely to be targeted for now.
  4. No inexperienced sellers got axed yesterday but a 29-year vet did – you should know what they were being offered in severance.
  5. Remember that warning not to take iHeart’s online employee questionnaire this year?  How that may have come into play with yesterday’s firings.

The answers begin here.

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