1 in 3 Kids Can Use a Digital Device Before They Can Talk


 “Now you’re losing toddlers who will think a radio is something old people listen to – ‘old’ people like their brothers and sisters”

“Kids under 2 spend an average of 15 minutes a day using the devices – that’s more time than they spend being potty trained.”

“Content providers such as radio, TV and publications should be packaging short-form content for everyone because by the time the toddlers in this study can talk, they won’t be talking about radio, TV and publications”.

“If it isn’t under 140 characters, you’ve got no chance communicating.  Texting was the real revolution, not the cellphone.  And even Millennials don’t want to talk on the phone.  Imagine when their little brothers and sisters grow up.  You’re going to have to radically change the way you think of content, I guarantee it”.

“You can see why Netflix is going to be king of content because it is not a TV station, not a movie studio, not a cable company – it’s an aggregator that disrupts everyone else’s business … You need to do what Netflix does”.