Jerry Del Colliano is a nationally recognized expert on radio broadcasting, journalism and interactive media, founder and former publisher of respected broadcasting trade publication Inside Radio and now editor of Inside Music Media.

Jerry has traversed traditional and digital media and is a recognized expert on generational entertainment, which he taught as part of the music industry curriculum as professor at The University of Southern California.

He has been a major market TV talent, radio program director, news reporter, founder and publisher of Inside Music Media and previously Inside Radio. He has been quoted in many national publications including The New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal and has appeared on numerous television network news shows including CNN and ABC’s 20/20.

Jerry is a compelling speaker tuned in to the interests and concerns of his audience, informative, warm and witty. He is both entertaining and thought provoking.

Here is a video of Jerry.

Jerry tailors each presentation to the interests of the audience and is not limited to the topics that are listed below. These are topics that have interested audiences in the past to illustrate some areas of his expertise. Please ask about any subject that interests you.

In addition to speeches, Jerry works with clients in work groups and leads brainstorming sessions.

TOPICS: Generational media, radio, television, cable & pay TV, satellite radio, digital content, social media, the changing music industry, Millennials and media, video, podcasting, streaming music services.

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