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I’d love to do a keynote, speech or workshop for your business or organization.  Here are a few suggestions!  Contact me for availability and rates.

The Advantages of Disadvantages

This talk is based on my book “Out of Bad Comes Good — The Advantages of Disadvantages”.  Great for businesses and organizations looking for more than a fleeting  boost of enthusiasm.  This is a presentation that can change your life.  Why dealing with problems is more important than solving them on the spot.  How shame ruins self esteem and jealousy ruins relationships.

The Happiness Formula that will transform your life.  Why thinking and believing you have an edge, gives you that edge. Keeping other people out of your head.  The Ted Williams Principle — learn the only “batting average” that counts and swing away!  The lowdown on luck — why it’s overrated and how to turn heartbreak into your next break.  Plus, dealing with divorce and the cure for career chaos.  This talk is both motivational and inspirational and will rev up your group to work more effectively with others, feel happier about themselves and unlock their human potential.

Speech, Keynote or Workshop available.

The Next Generation of Media

Apple CEO Steve Jobs was a baby boomer, yet he seemed to know more about Generation Y than they knew about themselves.  That’s how he helped Apple redefine computing, mobile phones, the music industry and video.  “The Next Generation of Media” dispels the myths of Gen Y and how to make better marketing decisions by becoming an expert at decifering what various generations want.  Gen Y is the market you must master to succeed for the next few decades.  Yet an even younger generation is likely to change everything again — it’s never too early to learn about them.

And what of baby boomers?  Are they done or is there more buying power left to the 78 million members of that group.  Actually, Steve Jobs discovered the secret to appealing to baby boomers.  I’ll tell you all about it. I was a Professor of Music Industry at the University of Southern California and developed courses in generational media.  It changed the way I look at things and once you master generational media, it will change the way you look at the next generation, too.  Be among the first to see the future because in our fast-moving times, to be late is to be out of luck.

Speech, Keynote or Workshop.

The Secrets To Unlocking Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are merely tools.  The real power of the Internet revolution is turning out to be social networking and this talk looks to the best ways to unlock social media in the changing digital age.  Why the social network of the future is not Facebook but you, your products, services and causes.  The new rules of engagement — what will enhance social media groups and what will turn them off. Respecting the expectation of privacy.  Your role as a content provider is about to change.  You’ll be introducing people in your group to each other and letting them participate in the conversation.

Why the big social media companies are not easy to monetize but how you can cooperate with the inevitable to untold profit.  The changes that are coming.  The opportunities you’ll want to jump on and a better understanding of the “change” generation that is steering social media in a new direction.  After hearing “The Secrets To Unlocking Social Media”, you will be prepared to make all the right moves.

Speech, Keynote or Workshop.

Custom Speeches & Workshops

I will build a keynote or workshop specifically for your organization or event.  You provide the input — goals, scope and specific topics you’d like me to address for the most rewarding and beneficial experience.

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