Workplace Changes At Cumulus

  • Details on new eye-popping attrition rates you will not believe but they are true.
  • The skinny on sales turnover.
  • The latest on whether local clusters will get more control.
  • The fate of the sales software that replaced the hated Engage.
  • Status update on Cumulus non-competes.
  • Unresolved Dickey-prompted employee lawsuits – what’s going to happen to them.

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CBS Radio IPO Surprise

Did you see the BIA/Kelsey report entitled “CBS Radio As It Approaches IPO”?

Where they attribute the CBS Radio cluster in New York City as being worth a half billion dollars and that CBS with 35% of the market share and iHeartMedia with about 32% in just that one city.

New York means 15.1% to the company’s total revenue.

The fact is that the reason CBS is doing an IPO in the first place is because they cannot find a buyer for the radio division.

I’m getting a creepy feeling that CBS has something startling under its sleeve.

Something so out of the ordinary that the radio industry will be left in shock and upended.

  • A consortium of buyers, but how does this work?
  • And they can cherry pick what they want
  • Buyers can play to their strengths and in effect buy cash flow
  • Don’t even count iHeart out
  • Or owners of TV stations to trade
  • Makes the IPO a fail-safe

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The Beasley/Greater Media Conspiracy

Some strange things are going on at Beasley Broadcasting ahead of its take over of Greater Media.

Phantom firings

How BEASLEY is running GREATER MEDIA before they actually take over

Scary scenarios waiting to happen after closing

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Lew Dickey Plots a Return


  • Details on Lew’s several options to return to radio big time.
  • Is brother Fredo part of any deal?
  • How about his regionals that Cumulus no longer wants.
  • What Lew has reportedly been saying privately about a comeback.
  • Is there a Dickey-Cumulus deal that could be done?
  • What does this man who owns so much of Cumulus want – what, you thought he was going to keep writing books?

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iHeart-type Cutbacks Invade Salem

Even religious broadcaster Salem, a stable operator, is now adopting cost-cutting tactics used by iHeart and Cumulus.

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  1. How big money was saved in layoff/reassignment that you’d expect from the Evil Empire.
  2. Details about the uneasy feeling that this week’s initial layoffs will breakout elsewhere in the group.
  3. Worse yet, why the iHeart cost-cutting model is being adopted by competitors -- as risky as it is.
  4. Is this the start of a corporate jihad direct from Salem headquarters?
  5. After the first layoffs which top exec said, “Salem is one of the more fair companies I have ever worked for, and if they lay me off tomorrow, I would still say that”.
  6. Two groups likely to be next to adopt iHeart’s “Remove & Replace” layoffs.

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The Growing Popularity of Remixed Music

Younger radio audiences have long wanted more control over the music.

Radio people translated that to mean, these listeners want to choose which songs are being played on the air.  But that couldn’t be further from reality.

Millennials who, after all, are the core audience radio stations must appeal to if they want to remain a vibrant business, have seized control of about everything they have gotten their hands on.

But the growing popularity of remixes and playlists is making what radio has to offer even less attractive than the 16 plus minutes of commercials they squeeze into their hourly formats.

There are now a number of new solutions for radio stations:

  1. Curated playlists by a new kind of dj that is on the air for only one hour a day – how this works.
  2. Eclectic tracks from the past – just how far back is safe to go?
  3. How to shift genres, something Millennials love and now you’ll know how to do it within your present format.
  4. Where does sampling parts of hit songs belong on the radio station of the future.

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Political Pussy Riot

Millennials are laughing at the 2016 presidential race.


Trump’s potty mouth and locker room talk.

Hillary Clinton’s refusal to be the one thing they absolutely look up to as the Holy Grail – authentic.

Which candidate respects women more?

Which candidate represents American values of secrecy, lying and deceit?

Hell, all politicians.

Luckily this is the last election for president – ever.

At least the last that excludes Millennials who, by the way, know the word “pussy” and other potentially disparaging words but somehow seem so much nicer and more respectful than, say, their parent’s generation.

Cable news is so in the tank for Hillary, they are slobbering all over themselves when it comes to covering Trump.

Not because they like her better because, count on it, these cable channels will turn on her once elected to keep the ratings going for their above 65 audience.

The Clinton News Network is biased.

The New York Times lost any credibility it might have had covering news objectively by letting their sanctimonious feelings drive objective news coverage of the Trump election.

And hey, you know I’m writing in Bernie.

Remember Bernie?

The guy who said Hillary was pandering to Wall Street – release the speeches and all that only to find out through emails (leaked Friday) that his suspicion was right.

But The Washington Post doesn’t want to cover that boring story nor do the other soon to be irrelevant news sources.

WikiLeaks is more honest than the newspapers -- without them who would be calling out bullshit?

But luckily, this political pussy riot is leaving Millennials cold.

First, they don’t talk about women this way.

Most Millennial boys have more respect for women than previous generations have.

My USC students used to be amazed that when I was on the baseball team in high school I showered in the locker room.  They shower at home.  No locker room.  No locker room talk.

Millennials are accepting of all nationalities and it’s not phony.

They accept all genders or hybrids of gender respecting the individual above all else. 

Millennials are socialists in waiting who want health care and college tuition relief and they’re still not warming up to Hillary because they just can’t connect with her.  She says she has been in the public for a long time and that everyone knows her but they don’t seem to like her.

Millennials want to see a woman president but they often say they don’t want Hillary to be that first woman president.

They’ve got balls.


What can you say?

He could have been president.  His ego got to him.  And they criticize Millennials for being self-absorbed. 


The real meaning of the election is that it is the last one where old folks are leading a discussion that the majority of voters have rejected.

The last one for Fox News, MSNBC, CNN and for that matter cable.

And New York Times & Washington Post?

Lots of luck going digital with biased reporting that Millennials are too smart to fall for.  And you want to charge them a subscription fee?  Seriously?

For writing news like a blogger instead of a journalist – and, yes, they know the difference.

In four years WikiLeaks will be the only believable news source and everyone else will be trying to find a way to pander to young people who have cut the cord and cut the bullshit at the same time.

Millennials don’t know who Rush Limbaugh is and wouldn’t like him if they knew.

Radio let them down and they have moved on.

So what’s at stake in this election is all the usual stuff plus something that may prove even more important.

Whether it’s President Clinton or President Trump, they will find themselves at war with an increasingly power bloc of Millennial voters who will boot them out.

After all, they know that this glass ceiling Hillary talks about doesn’t apply if you’re not gainfully employed.  And women Millennials know they are going to have to do a better job giving a helping hand to other women when they get into power.  Not the way it has been in the past.

That although older voters want to keep foreigners out of the country both here and in Europe but Millennials want open borders and a path to citizenship for their friends who arrived here illegally.

That health care is a right and they will do more to get it or else politicians will be losing a lot of elections.

No walls.

No race baiting.

No secrecy or lying about where you stand.

No news media because, folks, it’s over.

So it’s a pussy riot where Millennials are laughing at people who cannot show respect to all people – all genders, all races.

And in the end, Millennials will get the last laugh.

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