2017 Radio Solutions Conference

Wednesday, April 5, 2017
The Hub Conference Center / Philadelphia

Early Bird Pricing: $495 (regularly $895)

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Here is a preview of my April 5, 2017 media solutions conference at The Hub Conference Center in Philadelphia focusing on radio.

You are invited to join radio broadcasters and digital executives for a one-day interactive conference focused on the most relevant issues affecting radio in the coming year.

Conference Agenda

8:00 am         Registration/Complimentary Breakfast
9:00 am         Rebuilding Eroding Radio Audiences
10:30 am       Break/Complimentary Snacks and Refreshments
10:45 am       Growing Spot Radio Revenue

12 Noon         Complimentary Lunch

1:00 pm         Creating Programming for the New Money Demo
2:30 pm         Break/Complimentary Snacks and Refreshments
2:45 pm         Navigating Radio’s Digital Future
4:00 pm         Conference Concludes

Rebuilding Eroding Radio Audiences

  • Steps You Can Take to Make Your Station More Millennial Friendly
  • How to Program to Shorter Attention Spans
  • Strategies to Reinvigorate the Morning Show for the Digital Age
  • How to Make Station(s) Sound More Like the Target Audience
  • How to Counter Unintended Mistakes Caused by Nielsen Ratings
  • More Effectively Competing Against Streaming Music Services
  • Contesting for 18-34 Millennial Gamers
  • Programming to Shorter Attention Spans
  • Help for Radio’s Unlistenable, Long Commercial Stopsets That Alienate Audiences
  • A Better, Cost-effective Alternative to Voice Tracking
  • Removing the 4 On-Air Radio Mistakes That Are Game Breakers to Millennials
  • The Next New Radio Formats for the Money Demo
  • Changing the Way Radio Engages Audiences

Growing Spot Radio Revenue

  • Bucking the Downward Revenue Trend – Concepts, Strategies
  • Competing Against Rate Droppers
  • Responding to Predatory Sales Strategies by Large Radio Groups That Are Driving Down Ad Rates
  • Developing Sales Models That Will Successfully Counter Programmatic Media Buying
  • Increasing Morning Show Revenue by 30% in Less Than a Year
  • Revenue from Product Placement & Subscription Fees (Just Like Cable)
  • How to Double the Effectiveness of Advertisers’ Spots by Making One Critical Adjustment – Money Machine “More FM” in Philly Does This

Creating Programming For the New Money Demo

  • The 4 things that 18-34 year old Millennials Want from Radio
  • What to Do About 35-54 Listeners
  • How Changes in Streaming Music Services like Pandora and Spotify Will Impact Music Radio
  • The One Daypart That Millennials Care About Most
  • Mentoring On-Air Talent to Sound Like Today’s Audiences
  • What Digital Age Audiences Want in a Radio Personality
  • Getting Millennials to Listen to Radio Again
  • The Contests Millenials Want Most – Not Cash
  • Why More Music Is No Longer a Good Radio Strategy (and Why Music Discovery Is)
  • How to Deal with Growing Audiences That Don’t Listen to Songs – Even Their Favorites – All the Way Through.

Navigating Radio’s Digital Future

  • New Creative Content for Digital and Subscription Revenue Streams
  • The Digital Morning Show That Listeners Control
  • The Latest Evidence on Podcasting as a Business
  • All About How Facebook is Planning To Come After Radio – Here’s Your Defense Strategy
  • How Social Media Is Headed for Disruption – Many Millennials Are Opting Out.  What to Do
  • Master Short Form Video Using Only an iPhone
  • Why YouTube Is Everything To Emerging Audiences and Why Radio Needs To Get Into YouTube Now
  • The Promise of Binge Listening – Radio’s Unfulfilled Best Opportunity

We will also be talking about ...

  • The growing popularity of playlists, mixed and remixed music

I’ve been doing this seminar for 8 years now.

For those new to this conference, my background includes on-air and management roles in major market radio and television, publishing and digital as well as Professor of Music Industry at The University of Southern California.

As always, this event will not be available by stream, audio or video.

Please join us as for a smart seminar on the most relevant issues.

Regularly $895 per person -- $495 for “value” clients wishing to save virtually half-off locking in today for this limited time offer.

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Inquire about group rates (3, 5 or more)