2014 Media Solutions Conference

March 26, 2014
The Rittenhouse Hotel
Philadelphia, PA


What You Need To Know About Disrupting Radio

  • How far is not far enough, does it mean risking the audience you already have?
  • A totally new way to do commercial clusters, grow revenue
  • Best radio programming “hot clock” for the Millennial age
  • The new morning show that audiences find irresistible (yes, the one without traffic and often weather – this is disruptive!)
  • Fastest way to gain money demo audiences, what they crave
  • Boldly fixing listener objections about your station
  • Attractive alternatives for music discovery on tightly-formatted stations
  • Instant ways to get what you’re doing on-air to go viral without social media

Master Digital – What Works, What’s in the Pipeline

  • Put a stop/loss on your current digital plan and focus on just ONE of these sure-thing strategies instead
  • Alternative plans for streams that aren’t currently making money
  • Stop podcasting, do this instead (and watch the revenue build)
  • What’s more saleable than “clicks” and “likes” – here’s your new marketing tool
  • How to follow the wildly popular Netflix model and package on-demand content --- not for television, but for radio
  • Blow up the station website and reimagine it like this cash cow
  • Secrets of paid content and how to profit from it
  • How to unlock the revenue potential of iPhone, iPad and Android
  • How to hire local talent your competitors discard and start a digital project with them – without doing a traditional radio show or even paying their salaries. 

Understanding Social Media

  • Replace Facebook as your go-to social network with this hot media site (in fact, why you should never even mention “Facebook” on the air from now on).
  • Disturbing new research on Twitter (beware if you are banking on it)
  • The 2 hottest new social networks you want to be part of
  • Easy ways to utilize texting more effectively
  • Latest intelligence on social networking to build audiences (we’re actually getting it wrong)
  • The killer social network every station should start if they want influence and monetization
  • More on how email and Internet search is selling far more product than social media – and how to take advantage of this trend.

Key Strategies To Protect Your Radio Station

  • How to earn 50% of your station’s total billing in just 4 hours
  • Why in most cases weather and traffic are a waste of time (there are major exceptions) but … what to offer routinely as exclusive content in its place
  • How to do more live and local programming on the same budget as voice tracking
  • The 2 things radio must do right now to make it a growth industry again
  • Take a first peek at the radio station of the future in the digital age (if you like it, you can have it right now – or your competitor can).
  • Cheaper and better alternatives to voice tracking
  • How to put a “lock” on your 25 biggest advertisers
  • What to do to protect against audience erosion
  • How to get advertisers to pay more and actually increase their budgets before ever looking at your ratings (and, yes, and they won’t even insist on digital add-ons, either) – MoreFM owner Jerry Lee in person to tell you how.
  • Best thinking on translators/FM sub channels – worth it or not?
  • Challenges and opportunities ahead in direct media buying that major groups are set to impose on radio

Expert Advice On Short-Form Video

  • Growth opportunities in the hottest area of media content (forget that you’re a radio station and want to amp up your efforts)
  • How the entrepreneur I’m going to tell you about makes $3 million a year from short-form video without commercials, banner ads, product placement fees or paid subscriptions – Learn this plan!
  • Why you never want to create a video longer than this – the sweet spot for video length this year – yes, it just changed again.
  • What is the hottest topic for making money in short-form video – you’ll never guess but the evidence is growing.
  • How to monetize, market and distribute video mobile content

Latest Breakthroughs On Attracting Millennials

  • Their hot buttons, turn-ons/turn-offs
  • The 2 most important things you can do to make Millennials like what you’re doing on the air.  Just this one change can mean tens of thousands of new listeners.
  • How to use Millennials to get to “older” audiences (right from the Steve Jobs playbook)
  • Creating a civic focus that Millennials cannot resist
  • Getting ahead of changes that streaming music services like Pandora, Spotify and coming soon, YouTube are making without making the mistake of being too much like them
  • Music discovery vs. repetitive hit list – the most effective approach
  • Latest changes in attention span habits you must know before creating content for Millennials

Tackling Time Shifting Radio

  • How to make the most sensible decisions about content on-demand that today’s audiences expect
  • How to take a page from the wildly popular Netflix inspired habit of “binge watching”.  There is a radio equivalent.
  • Whether to rely on over-the-air broadcasts for time shifting or create new content – answer this right and you’re off and running.
  • How to create “anytime” morning shows that are loaded with revenue potential – this will make you love Millennials who started the time shifting craze.
  • How to differentiate on-air sales and marketing from monetizing time shifted content

Expanded Group Questions & Answers

  • Get specific so you can have the questions that matter most to you answered

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