2016 Media Solutions Conference

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Deliver What Millennial Audiences Want By Being Relentlessly Authentic

Music's Now a Commodity Like Ketchup -- What to Do Next

On Contesting:  Don't Offer Cash, Offer Dreams

Blowing Up Your Station and Building a Content Model

Kill the 8-Minute Stop-Set Before It Kills You 

Radio's Future:  Target Younger, Not Older (Older Adopts Later)

Talk to Millennial Audiences the Way You Tweet

We're Doing It All Backwards Programming Stations Instead of Target Audiences -- The Fix

Radio's Real Competitor Is Not Another Station or Internet Service, It's User Generated Content

On TSL: Short Attention Spans Are Your Friend -- Kill Long Music Sweeps, Don't Play Songs All the Way Through, Program More Interruptions to Feed A.D.D.

The Best Way to Raise Rates Is to Create Premium Content

Over 100 Million Listeners Are Available But Radio Programs to the Wrong 70 Million -- We Need to Change That

A Sweeper Is a Self-Inflicted Wound to Your Audience -- What's Better

Divorce Your Digital:  Do Radio Separately Then Go Big Into Short-Form Video 

If Stations Are Making Most of Their Money From Spot Sales Then They Are Missing 7 Revenue-Ready Innovations

Consider New Forms of Revenue Such As Subscriptions and Product Placement

Radio Must Create Binge Content Like Netflix -- Audiences Demand It

Someday Radio May Not Exist, Plan For the Future

This is the auditorium in which the teacher and the taught together do the teaching as we did at last year's conference


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Presented at The Hub Commerce Square, 2001 Market Street, Suite 210, Philadelphia, – walking distance from Amtrak’s 30th Street Station, 20 minutes from Philadelphia International Airport. Registration & breakfast begin at 8am. Conference starts at 9, ends at 4pm.

Breakfast, lunch and breaks included in your tuition.